Success in any organisation depends upon its people. Whether you are a commercial organisation that is looking to improve its bottom line or a public sector organisation which wants to maximise the effectiveness of its services, your people are the heart of the organisation providing the vitality and passion to enable the organisation to achieve its goals.

Change Matters, established in 1987, is a highly experienced UK consultancy, specialising in leadership development, team building and psychological assessments. We work in partnership with our clients to ensure that the full potential of their people are fully realised. Whether working at an individual level or at an organisational level, we believe that we have to work to empower your staff by building on their competency and maximising their energies.

We provide a wide range of developmental services to improve your organisation's performance:

  • Leadership Development - The assessment and development of individuals to improve their competence and their personal passion and motivation
  • Organisation Development - Through an in-depth diagnosis of the organisation, we create effective leadership development, powerful working relationships and strong team-working while developing a culture that provides and sustains the conditions for effective performance.

Ian Welborn - Founder and Principal Consultant