Developmental Methods

Organisations can waste a lot of money on development if the methodologies are inappropriate and do not achieve long-lasting personal and organisational change. We are experienced in a wide range of developmental methodologies and will work with the client to select the most appropriate combination to meet their organisational requirement, suit their culture, and meet the learning styles and needs of the individuals involved.

Developmental Programmes

These are broad-based development programmes on such topics as leadership and trainer development. They often run over a period of months and will have a number of different elements. They might well include a diagnostic process to identify individual needs (e.g. a development centre) where individual personal development plans are produced; training modules on specific issues identified by the participants (e.g. conflict management and influencing skills); one-to-one feedback and coaching sessions, action learning sets; and work projects. Example projects

Experiential Workshops

These are usually short training sessions lasting from ½ day to 3 days in length. They each deal with a specific skill development area. Example projects

Outdoor Development Programmes

These are normally 2 or 3 day programmes involving groups working in teams to perform a range of outdoor activities for the purpose of team building or learning about team working skills. We use a specialist outdoor organisation to provide the facilities and practical support. This allows us to concentrate on the coaching and facilitation to ensure that key learning is identified and its transferability, back to the work context, is fully understood. Example projects

Action Learning Sets

These are groups of experienced managers or professionals who meet for a series of short meetings over a number of months to share experiences, jointly problem-solve around real work issues, and provide support on work projects. Occasionally, there is some training input but the real emphasis is to facilitate problem-solving discussions using the resources of the group, and drawing out key learning from past and present experience. We will provide the structure, facilitation and training input as required. Example projects

One-To-One Executive Coaching/Mentoring

We provide a coaching or mentoring service to senior and middle managers and professionals. We might be called in by the individual manager themselves, or their line manager, to help with specific skills problems where a one-to-one approach would be more appropriate than attending a development programme. This would be a short-term relationship spread over a number of one-to-one meetings. Alternatively, it could be a longer-term relationship between a senior professional or manager where we act as a mentor (coach, counsellor, career adviser, etc) particularly where such a relationship would not be available or appropriate from within the organisation. Example projects

"Away Days" Or "Time Outs"

It is now common practice both in the public and private sector for working teams to occasionally meet outside the work context to reflect on the direction of the team, their working practices or their working relationships. They can last from ½ day to 2 days and they give the group an opportunity to reflect without the pressures of day-to-day work getting in the way. We facilitate many of these events. Example projects

Facilitated Events

From time to time representatives of different organisations meet at symposia and conferences to discuss specific issues. Where this requires an involvement of the participants in small group discussions, we are called upon to plan, organise and facilitate these events. Example projects

Assessment Centres and Development Centres

We run Assessment Centres and Development Centres lasting from 1 day to 3 days. These are both multiple assessment process. A group of participants take part in a variety of exercises observed by a team of trained assessors. These assessors evaluate each participant against a number of pre-determined, job related behaviours. This data is then pooled. Where job selection is required we run an Assessment Centre. Where individuals use this information for their personal development planning, we provide a Development Centre. Click here for more details of our approach. Example projects

Psychometric Questionnaires and Instruments

Working under the auspices of an experienced Chartered Occupational Psychologist, we use a wide variety of psychometric instruments and development questionnaires for assessment and development. They are normally part of a broader programme such as a selection process or a development programme. Click here for more details of our approach. Example projects

Work Based Learning

An essential component of all development is work based learning. This will take place naturally but can be greatly enhanced by employing a range of systematic techniques that support any off-the-job development. We will work with the client to tailor and put in place a series of processes such as:
  • Internal Coaching and Mentoring Systems
  • Peer Review
  • E-Learning
  • Shadowing
  • Job Rotation
  • Reflective Practice
  • Other methodologies
Example projects