Mission & Guiding Principles


To work in partnership with our clients to build the internal capacity of the organization and its people to perform effectively as it grows, develops and changes


The following core principles define and guide all the work of the Change Matters consultants:

Adding Value to our clients by ensuring that development is linked to the organisation's business strategy and there is an appropriate return on their investment

Developing a Learning Environment where continuous learning and development are seen as an integral part of the organisation's operational processes. And where individuals take responsibility for their own development.

Valuing and Integrating by understanding and respecting diversity, developing trust in others and building on each others strengths

Creating a Climate of Innovation and Change through encouraging the exploration of ideas and a preparedness to take risks

Engaging People's Passion by engaging them in the organisation's vision and empowering them to translate it in to action

Building Collaboration and Partnerships both within and across organisations. This modeled by the way we like to work with our clients

Encouraging an Open and Challenging Environment where people feel comfortable to both challenge each other and provide honest feedback in a constructive and supportive way.