Our Consultants

David Wilson - BSc; MA

David Wilson is an independent management development consultant and a Visiting Fellow of the Centre for Leadership and Management at the University of York, where he teaches on a Masters degree in Leading Innovation and Change. He is one of the most experienced providers of development programmes for doctors and senior managers in the National Health Service. He has delivered development programmes and change management consultancy in both the public sector such as the NHS as well as commercial organisations such as Shell UK, ICI, TSB, BACS, Norwich Union and Nestles.

He is experienced in the use of a wide range of development methods, for example development centres, action learning and 360 degree feedback. He has worked extensively on development programmes that bring together clinical leaders from across a health community to work on real improvement issues. His research experience lies in two main areas: studies of the competencies that distinguish excellent from average performers in given types of role, and surveys of what different stakeholder groups perceive as priorities for change. He has a BSc Economics from the London School of Economics and an MA in Organisation Development from the University of Leeds.