Here, our main aim is to work in partnership with each client to raise their capability to handle change whilst always pursuing the clear goal of improved performance as an ultimate outcome. In our view, this means taking full account of the client’s services or products, markets, technology, history and culture in developing an effective strategy for developing the workforce

It is also our belief that organisations are complex, organic, political, uncertain and changing. To respond effectively to these realities we help our clients to increase their performance through improved leadership, team working, creativity, communications, and commitment at all levels of the organisation.

To achieve this our consultancy projects, typically, involve the following stages:

  • Goal Setting - This would involve meeting with the client to draw up a project specification including clear goals and success criteria for the work. In addition, we normally like to establish a steering group so that senior managers are working with us throughout the project.
  • Collecting of Information - The process of data collection will vary according to the project but may include one-to-one interviews, group discussions, direct observation, and surveys.
  • Analysis and Diagnosis - The information is collated and key issues and problems identified
  • Feedback of Findings and Joint Design of Action Plans - The findings of our research is fed back to the client verbally, and normally supported by a report. Because of our discussions, we work with the client to agree action plans for taking the project forward.
  • Implementation - This stage will vary greatly depending upon the project and the agreed action plans. However, as a rule, our aim is to work with the client to increase their capability for managing these issues effectively in the future. Therefore, we will be working closely with key representatives of the organisation in order to ensure a lasting success after we have finished the project. This must include a strategy for embedding these changes into the culture of the organization.
  • Follow up and Review - Depending upon the needs of the client, we will carry out a review of the project against the original goals and success criteria agreed at the beginning.
This general approach is applied whether we are working on a full Change Management programme or some element of organisational change and development. Our approaches to the services we offer in supporting the development of our client organisations are listed on the left of the page.