Team Development

For an organisation to be successful in these times of turbulence and rapid change, it is important that the efforts and energies of all staff groups and managers are harnessed to the achievement of the organisation's corporate goals. The key mechanism for this has to be teamwork. Good team-working is essential for the organisation's human resources to be effective and add value to the continuing success of the organisation. Team work must start at the very top with the Board and cascade all the way down the organisation.

We have a wide range of experience in helping to facilitate the development of such work teams, and team working skills, in both the private and public sector. We can help in a number of ways:

Team Skills Our Approach To Team Development Team Building or Development Inter-Group Relations

Team Working Skills

There are some core team working skills that people need to develop if team working is to be successful. We provide training courses in team working skills for groups of staff using indoor development programmes, outdoor development programmes or a combination of both. Back to model

Team Building or Development

We work with newly formed teams to help them establish effective ways of working together or with existing teams to review their effectiveness. By using a wide range of techniques and exercises, we can help to improve the way team members work together. Back to model

Inter-Group Relations

From time to time organisations have work teams, sections, departments, and other types of groups which, although they function well as individual teams, are often in conflict with other teams. We work with these teams together to resolve differences and improve working relationships. Back to model