In-House Outplacement Programmes

The aim of this service is to enable your organisation’s management to provide an outplacement support service to those who are being made redundant. Again the aim of the programme would be to enable those employees who are facing redundancy to identify a new job or career direction for themselves, an action plan to achieve their personal goals and the skills and confidence to succeed in achieving these goals. By working with your internal staff we would compliment their existing skill sets to provide a comprehensive programme.
There are three levels of support that the CM Outplacement Service can provide to your organisation: 
  • Level 1: The delivery of skill development workshops on job search, CV writing, interviewee practice, networking and personal organisation would be provided by your internal staff and Change Matters would provide the necessary one-to-one support. We would work with your internal trainers to design and deliver the training required.
  • Level 2: We would train your line managers and/or HR staff to support their staff through the practical aspects of the job search process. They would receive training in the use of the self analysis and job searching process that we would provide in the form of hard copy or web-based workbooks. These workbooks consist of a wide range of reflective exercises and practical tips that would lead the staff member through a process of self assessment, clarification of personal goals and all the steps needed in job searching and obtaining a job offer. Change Matters would provide a secondary support service particularly to those individuals who need some psychological support in coming to terms with their new circumstances
  • Level 3: Specially selected and trained line managers and/or HR staff would provide the support required to sustain the employee through the job finding process. During this period staff members are likely to get frustrated and despondent resulting in a loss of self-confidence, positivity and motivation. Not all line managers have the skills to provide this level of support where others will be able to develop the appropriate skills needed. We would work with your organisation to provide the required pre-selection process and necessary training.
If the organisation chose to provide Level 1 or 2 support, CM Outplacement Services would provide the additional support to the employees. However, if you opted for Level 3 then our main support would be to your line management and/or HR staff but making ourselves available to deal with a crisis situation if that arose.