Outplacement Service

Unemployment in the UK has risen significantly as a result of the global economic situation. This increase has slowed down, presently at 2.5 million but is still on the increase. We have yet to see the full extent of the anticipated half a million public sector jobs cuts, which is like to substantially increase the overall unemployment levels further. The situation has also been exacerbated by an increase in the retirement age and the reduction in job vacancies resulting in a move from full to part-time work. As a result some pundits have, in fact, predicted a double-dip recession. As a result, redundancy is likely to be a common feature of organisational life for some time to come. Those organisations who value their reputation and their staff will be looking for ways to help both groups and individual employees cope effectively with this process.

CM Outplacement Services are well placed to provide both employers and employees with the help and support require. We are all experienced business psychologists and career coaches that can provide the emotional support that must inevitably go alongside the self-analysis, goal setting, job search and individual skill development that will ensure that those who are experiencing redundancy can quickly and confidently find a new job. We also have a wealth of experience in both the public and private sector which will be essential for those who are looking for a job in the private sector possibly for the first time.

Change Matters has developed a comprehensive range of outplacement services to organisations, individuals and external consultants. The attached PowerPoint will guide you through the various optional services provided; or if you know what you are looking, select one of the services below.


  • A Full Outplacement Service: This is the traditional service provided by most outplacement organisations to their clients. Effectively taking over the whole process, including the provision of one-to-one coaching and training workshops to either a group or an individual employee. Such a service would normally be sponsored by an organisation but may also be self-funded. Read more about our Full Outplacement Services to Organisations
  • Developing an In-house Outplacement Programme: This service involves working with and developing internal HR and/or line management staff to provide an in-house outplacement service supported by Change Matters. The level of support in providing this service after the initial set up will vary from organisation to organisation. Read more about our  In-House Outplacement Programmes to Organisations
  • Open Outplacement Programmes: This service is provided to organisations that do not want a bespoke programme or are too small to develop their own in-house service. In this case, individuals would attend workshops that would provide a service to employees across a wide range of organisations. Such employees may be sponsored by their organisation or self-funded. One-to-one coaching would be an optional extra. Read more about our Open Outplacement Programmes
  • A Licensed Outplacement Support Programme for independent consultants and Executive Coaches: This service is aimed at independent consultants or executive coaches who wish to add another service to their existing portfolio. They would provide the necessary coaching and training to their clients supported by the extensive range of outplacement material developed and provided under licence by Change Matters. Read more about our Licensed Outplacement Support Programme