Open Outplacement Programmes

If you are an organisation that does not want a bespoke programme or are too small to develop their own in-house service, then this is a cost effective alternative for those organisations who still want to provide their employees all the support they need while going through redundancy. In this case, individuals would attend workshops that would provide a service to employees across a wide range of organisations. Such employees may be sponsored by their organisation or self-funded. One-to-one coaching would be an optional extra.
The Open Outplacement Programme consists of a series of sequentially-organised workshops that follow a clear Career and Job Planning Process. (for a diagrammatic overview click here

The Career and Job Planning process that we use is as follows:
Step 1: Workshop I – Introductory Workshop: Participants will attend a half-day Introductory Workshop where the career and job planning process will be clearly explained. There will also be some exploration of participants’ emotional response to being made redundant so that they can make sense of what is happening to them and why they need to re-focus on the future. At the end of which they will be given a workbook, “Personal Stock-Take” and given guidance on how to get the most from the self-assessment process.
Step 2: Between Workshop 1 and Workshop 2: Participants will be required to carry out a personal stock-take to explore their capabilities, interests, achievements, etc. Although some participants think that they already know themselves well. Unfortunately, this is not usually the case. We often take for granted the skills and achievements that we have accomplished over the years and this can be fatal when seeking a new job. In addition, they will need to start to thinking about what they want to be doing in the future and reviewing their skills and interests will help with this process
Step 3: Workshop 2 - Your Future Goals: We will then meet up again with participants to review the outcome of their personal stock-take and to work with them in considering where they will be going in the future. Participants’ present circumstances allow them the opportunity to carry out a full re-assessment as to the future direction of their life and career. This workshop will help them to creatively think about their various ideal options, the work preferences and constraints that will govern their choice of direction and the ability to effectively evaluate these options against these factors.
Step 4: By exploring their future goals, participants will be able to decide upon whether they will take one of three routes:
  • Route 1: Employment– full or part-time. If this is their choice, then they will need to work through one, two or three of the key components of this process with you, depending upon their requirements. Participants will be able to choose which workshops they wish to attend
  • Workshop 3 - Researching and Approaching the Job Market.The aim of this workbook is to lead the participant through a range of steps by helping them to have a clear understanding of the types of roles that are available out in the market place and by seeking different routes to identifying suitable job opportunities available to them. It also help the participant with their self-management and sustainability through this period.
  • Workshop 4 – Developing Your Marketing Literature.This workbook will help the participant in developing all of their marketing material including CVs, application forms and letter-writing that will help to get that job interview
  • Workshop 5 - The Job Interview.This workbook will help the participant to succeed at the job interview and negotiate an appropriate employment package.
  • Route 2: Self employment.If this is the participant’s chosen direction we will work with them to create a development plan to move forward with their endeavour. This process will provide coaching support, help identify suitable workshops that are freely available and provide guide notes on different aspects of setting up a business.
  • Route 3: Retirement or semi-retirement.If this is the participant’s chosen direction, then they will attend one of the workshops that are run by our associate organisation who specialises in this area of expertise. If the outcome of this workshop highlights the need to seek some part time employment to supplement their pension, then this support will be provided through attendance on one or more of the Employment workshops that are available.