We design and run a wide range of training workshops and development programmes on personal, interpersonal and management subjects tailored to meet the needs of our client organisations. We believe that it is important to assess the specific needs of the organisation and those participating on a particular programme. In this way, the programme’s aims and content can be aligned with the organisation’s goals but still ensures that it is pitched at the right level to fulfil participants’ needs. As part of this diagnostic process, we need to gain a good grasp of the organisation's culture and the issues that are facing participants within their work situation. This then enables us to design case studies, role-plays and other training materials that are appropriate to these situations.

All programmes are highly participative, using a wide range of experiential learning techniques, from self-assessment questionnaires and reflective exercises, to skill-based exercises and role plays often using CCTV. The aim is for participants to acquire workable and practical techniques and skills that they can apply back in the workplace.

We also recognise that applied learning can only be acquired if there is a clear awareness by the individual participant of their own specific behavioural needs, and that they have the confidence and commitment to apply these new approaches when they return to the "real world". This insight, confidence and commitment will only come if participants feel supported before, during and after the programme. We see our role as working in partnership with both participants and their line managers to provide a safe and positive learning environment and with the organisation to ensure that the follow-up support is available.

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