Interpersonal & Communications Skills

All employees within an organisation need to have well developed interpersonal and communications skills, if they are to be effective in their role. Regardless of their position within the organisation, they need to work with and through other people. We have run a wide range of skill development programmes to improve participants’ skills in this area. Below are just a few examples of the many programmes that we have designed and delivered for our clients:


  • Handling Difficult People: This workshop was developed for a multi-disciplinary group of clinicians. It enabled participants to develop and practice effective strategies for dealing with different types of difficult behaviour.
  • Influencing Skills and Managing Conflict: This workshop was designed for a group of Directors of Public Health. It enabled participants to gain an understanding of conflict and their personal style of managing it. In addition, it aimed to develop effective influencing strategies and skills which enable conflicts to be a positive experience. Sample Agenda
  • Negotiating Skills for Everyday Life: This programme was developed for middle managers in a local authority. It enabled participants to develop effective negotiating skills in everyday interpersonal relationships both on a one-to-one basis and in groups.
  • Effective Presentation Skills: This workshop was developed for managers and clinical professionals within an Acute Trust. It enabled participants to develop and deliver persuasive presentation to both large and small groups in both formal and informal settings. Sample Agenda