Leadership Development

The essence of effective leadership is the ability to inspire confidence. A leader can only lead if the followers follow. Inspiring confidence in others depends on self-confidence, emotional maturity, clarity of vision and the ability to see things through to a satisfactory end point – satisfactory for both those who are being led as well as for their organisation. Leadership is a combination of innate ability and consummate skill. Our programmes are designed to help people recognise their own innate leadership qualities and develop skills to capitalise on this potential.

Our work is based on enabling managers at all levels of the organisation to develop their leadership ability and to enable them to successfully take their organisation forward into the 21st century.

While there are a wide variety of leadership programmes available to organisations, ours are unique in their focus and orientation and have demonstrated they will produce the desired outcomes.

Leadership Development Programmes

Each organisation requires effective leadership. However, a successful leader in one organisation does not necessarily transfer readily to another organisation. Effective leadership is clearly linked to the business needs and the culture of the organisation. We develop a tailored programme for each client organisation that takes into account the specific needs of the organisation and the individuals involved. We have found that the most successful leadership programmes are those that take the individuals on a journey of development over several months. There are no quick fixes - such individuals need to grow into their leadership roles. Every programme is very differently designed to meet the client’s requirements. Nevertheless, there are some common elements which describe our approach. More information on Our Approach to Leadership Development Example of programmes we have designed in the past:
  • Multidisciplinary Clinical Leadership Programme: This was a long-term leadership programme developed for clinical leaders from a wide range of professional groups within the NHS. It consisted of a combination of a process of personal development diagnosis and planning, specific workshops, one-to-one coaching and action learning groups.
  • Leadership for the Future: This programme was developed for graduates of a high tech engineering organization who were about to take up a leadership role for the first time. Such programmes are aimed at technical, professional or administrative staff who have had no previous experience of managing people.

Leadership Skills Workshops

For those more experienced leaders, we have developed specific short programmes that cover particular skill areas. Example of programmes we have designed in the past:


  • Working Effectively in Teams: This programme was developed for a group of Public Health Specialist Registrars. It explored the skills of being both an effective team leader and an effective team member by understanding how teams function and how they can be improved.
  • Leadership and Teamwork using the Outdoors: This workshop was developed for a group of high potential middle managers within local government. We worked in collaboration with an outdoor centre on Dartmoor to explore the skills of being both an effective leader and an effective team member. It has the advantage over similar indoor programmes in creating situations with 'real' risks and consequences to leadership decisions. Sample Agenda
  • Managing Change Effectively: This workshop was developed as part of a broader leadership programme for a group of senior executives from Africa. It explored the problems and difficulties of managing change and the strategies and techniques necessary to overcome such difficulties and introduce the change in a systematic and effective manner.
  • Leadership and Empowerment: This was a programme developed for a group of senior physiotherapists. It explored the role of leadership within the management function and the skills to effectively empower their staff.
  • Project Leadership for Public Health: This workshop was developed for a group of public health practitioners. It went beyond the standard project management techniques to include the management of the project team and its stakeholders. Sample Agenda
  • Success through Positive Power and Organisational Politics: This workshop was developed for a group of clinical managers who were members of the PEC (Professional and Executive Committee) of their primary care trusts. It enabled these managers to explore and understand the various sources of power and political mechanisms that operate within and across organisations, and to develop successful strategies for maximum achievement in accomplishing their goals.