Personal Development

Personal effectiveness and self management is the core to all personal achievement. In the eighties and early nineties, the importance of these factors was ignored and an emphasis was placed on the more measurable behaviours and indicators of performance. However, the growth of interest in such topics as neurolinguistic programming (NLP), emotional intelligence and work-life balance indicates a recognition of the importance of this area for personal effectiveness. We incorporate many of these tools, techniques and theories within our programmes. Examples include:
  • Effective Time and Self Management: This programme was developed for clinical directors of acute NHS Trusts. It not only helped participants in the prioritisation and planning of their work, family and personal responsibilities but explored the time wasters and the personal barriers to effective change.
  • Managing Stress in Your Life and Your Work: This programme was developed for line managers within the NHS. It enabled participants to manage and live effectively with stress in their lives and their work. Sample Agenda
  • How To Be More Assertive At Work: This programme was developed for a multidisciplinary group of senior managers in the NHS. It provided a "safe" environment where participants can explore their existing approach to situations, and provide both the confidence and skills to be more assertive at work. Sample Agenda